TikTok: Music Effects Initiative

Roles: Idea Owner / Design Lead / Project Manager


The goal for this project was to increase the impact of AR Effects by connecting them to user's music choices.


  • I proposed and led a 0 to 1 cross-functional initiative that seamlessly united music and AR effects product lines on TikTok.
  • This new app feature significantly boosted user retention and created a deeper level of immersion for users who structure their visual content through music.
  • This initiative became the foundation for all of the audio-related functionalities in our public facing Effect House engine.

Project Responsibilities

Official TikTok Newsroom Teaser

Key Responsiblities:

• Initiated cross-functional brainstorms and determined prioritization for proposals, resulting in clearer objectives for the team

• Worked with other points of contact for other departments to create project milestones

• Led visual direction for designers and technical support to integrate effects into the engine

• Delegated tasks to various designers and connected cross-functional teams for technical support

• Maintained efficient timeline for project production and launch

Promotional Material

Ava Max



Padro Sampaio

Promotional Highlights:

• Supported setting up effect collaborations with various Music Label Artists

• Contributed to talent recruitment videos for Youtube and LinkedIn

• Coordinated with Marketing and PR teams to organize external promotional material for Apple Store banner

Apple Store Banner promoting our launch

What goes into Music Effects?

External facing talent recruitment video shared to LinkedIn and YouTube