Maryyann Crichton



Co-Director / Animation Lead / Art Director

For my MFA thesis, I co-directed Wetware, a 3D first-person computer game about the interplay between AI ethics and consciousness. AI is starting to pervade both academic research and commercial products. They enter our homes in the forms of virtual assistants. But once these omnipresent entities move from mere helpers to truly intelligent beings, how will that change the nature of our relationship with the technology we use? That is the question we explore in my thesis.

Game Website

Unreal Engine 4 / Maya / Substance Painter / Substance Designer



Maryyann Crichton

Satrio Dewantono

Creative Producer

Ann Lee

Art Director

Maryyann Crichton

Interaction Designer

Satrio Dewantono

Animation Lead

Maryyann Crichton

Concept Artist

Maryyann Crichton

Technical Lead

Satrio Dewantono

Character Modeler

Vidya Vinnakota

Environmental Modeler

Kenae Lowry

Texture Artist

Maryyann Crichton

Rigging Artist

Fred Qiao

Lighting Artist

Roahith Raj

3D Animator

Erik Dumas

Bob Yong

2D Animator

Eli Ayres

Software Developer

Satrio Dewantono

Muhammad Usman Shahid


Kevin Ke

Neil Quillen

Sound Designer

Ryan Andersen


Austin Zartman