— Technical Artist / Production and Interaction Designer

Hololens / Unity / Maya

2016 - 2017

Yokai! is a mixed reality interactive installation that uses physical puzzles to advance a narrative. The player enters the space as a traveler in Tokyo, and finds ways to live in peace with the Yokai who also dwells in the same airBnB. We imagined the Hololens as a device which reveils another world/dimension that could co-exist alongside our own. My goal was to explore how mixed reality experiences can create special relationships and associations between players and their environment. I hoped that players exited the space wondering if the yokai was still following them.

Working closely with Scott Fisher, I led a team of 2 other students on this project at the Mobile and Environmental Media Lab. Crystal Chan designed all of our amazing sound effects and Satrio Dewantono was our software and hardware engineer. Physical interaction with real objects was a main focus in the experience and helped bridge the digital world and reality. I was responsible for experience designing and creating all visual assets (design, modeling, rigging, animation).