— Co-Director / Art Director

Unreal Engine 4 / Maya / Substance Painter / Substance Designer

2017 - Present

Welcome to the Lab, Drone Whisperer

You've been called upon in your country's hour of need to retrieve information from a captured enemy drone with very advanced AI. The things you stand to discover from the depths of its memory may be critical in turning the tide of a losing war and saving many lives. Are you prepared to do whatever it takes, no matter what you discover?

For my MFA thesis, I'm co-directing Wetware, a 3D first-person computer game about the interplay between AI ethics and consciousness, with Satrio Dewantono and Ann Lee as our producer. AI research has become one of the most popular and dependent areas today. Nearly every company connected with technology utilizes AI. AI machines have entered into homes in the forms of Homepods and smart technology. Virtual characters such as Shudu and Lil Miquela have become a phenomenon in social media. Although currently controlled manually by their human creators, who's to say that in the future these Virtual beings can't be enhanced with AI? Then perhaps we need to consider the ethics involved when interacting with them.

Currently, we are implementing player interactions, animation, and textures. Using the substance designer plugin, we are directly connecting to Unreal Engine to create textures for a hand-crafted stop-motion aesthetic. Here are some tests on the clay texture effect and animations! Please also check out our game website.


I am aiming for a hand-crafted look to simulate a stop-motion style. To achieve a clay look for the characters' skin, I'm using UE4 to create a material with a world displacement controlled based on time increments.