Steelcase Virtual Design Workspace

— Animator / 3D Modeler

Maya / Unity

Fall 2016 - Fall 2017

While working at the Mobile and Environmental Media Lab at USC, I collaborated with Scott Fisher and several other researchers ( Perry Hoberman, Joshua Schultz, Mike Kozlowski, Max Kreminski, and Keshav Prasad ) on a project for Steelcase Furniture. Steelcase creates innovative furniture designs and asked our lab to explore the future of collaborative design and production process.

We approached this challenge more experimentally and created a VR design fiction that consists of multiple narrated scenes. Throughout the design fiction the user can set up remote meetings for realtime collaborations with swappable environments, create individual design spaces, and experience their designs in augmented reality.

One of the most powerful experiences was the Chair Reveal Scene. We incorporated an augmented reality feature that allowed users to view their designs in the physical world, but we wanted to take it one step farther. By tracking a physical chair and mapping its exact dimensions onto a virtual chair, users can manipulate and "sit" on their virtual chair. This created an opportunity to combine virtual and physical reality in the design process.