Save Me Next Time

— solo project

Maya / Adobe Creative Suite

Nov - Dec 2014

Save Me Next Time is an animation short completed in Maya and compiled using Adobe Promiere. I created all the models and animation using Maya. The textures were created in Photoshop and UV mapped onto the models. The story line sprung from the concept of companionship and death. What would you do to save your best friend?


Critter character development process

This was not only a class project, but also a personal long term project. Critter the Dino Dog appeared in my head in the beginning of 2012. He slowly evolved from a derpy adorable quick sketch into a more sophisticated concept drawing; this year he finally stepped into the 3d world. Not only did this process teach me character design and development, I also gained experience in texturing. His large, antlered friend is a hybrid between a beetle and a moose.