Sanzaru Depths

— Art Director / Lead Technical Artist

Hololens / Maya / Adobe Photoshop / Unity

Jan 2017

Sanzaru Depths is a multiplayer AR experience that encourages players with and without a HoloLens headset to collaborate and find spirit creatures around a room. Even within Augmented Reality where the physical world is present in the experience, the experience is limited to players with headsets. This cuts the player off from their surroundings, leaving others guessing at what is happening within the headset. This project takes a creative approach to alleviating that feeling by creating an experience that can only be enjoyed when players with and without a headset are present. With so many different technological platforms becoming essential in our lives, what is the best way to combine them?

The player with the HoloLens receives visuals to advance their progress while the other player explores their surroundings through audio. I worked with a team (Satrio Dewantono, Keshav Prasad, Patrick Bender, Kelsey Rice, Mari Kyle, Nehemiah Westmoreland) and completed the project during the Global Game Jam.


We started the Game Jam with brainstorming around the given theme "Waves". As we continued discussing, ideas bounced around and eventually we concluded with a couple different concepts.

I modeled, rigged, and animated the creatures in Maya and created several loopable animations to use in the experience.

We based the visuals of our experience on underwater caves and caverns. Because rooms are naturally enclosed areas, I chose an environment that has a ceiling. We used the objects in the room to portray rocks and natural formations like stalagmites. Audio in caves are very distinct, which gave us the chance to experiment with the audio aspect of the experience.