Memory Slugs

— Animator / 3D Artist

Oculus Rift / Maya / Zbrush / Unity / Adobe Creative Suite

Aug 2015 - May 2016

I collaborated with Ralph Kim to create Memory Slugs, a multiplayer VR installation that aims to inspire empathy through interactions such as hearing the other player's heartbeat and working together to solve a task. Carnegie Mellon Professor Ali Momeni supervised our project. In the experience, players emerge on a train ride as large slugs, surrounded by small pink children with balloons and a large green creature sitting opposite. Players are encouraged to look around; If players stare at the balloon of a child for too long, the green creature will pop that balloon and the child disappears. The climax of the experience is reached when players realize they each have a balloon above their heads. The only way to pop those balloons is experiencing Memory Slugs with another person. When a player's balloon is popped, that player shatters and will find him/herself falling through space with the rest of the missing children.

Memory Slugs was displayed at Carnegie Mellon's Miller Gallery. The project received funding from Small Undergraduate Research Grant and The Henry Armero Memorial for Inclusive Creativity.


We went through many iterations of the project to find the right tone for the piece. In the end we took inspiration from the style of Pink Panther to create a more graphic world.

Previous Iterations