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Hololens / Unity / Maya / Vuforia


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MAAD is a mixed reality interactive installation that blends the physical and virtual environment through the use of physical textures, lights, and puzzles. This project was created with Ann Lee as Producer, Ana Carolina Estarita as Lead Environment Artist, and XiaoBo (Daniel) Ma as Animator. The player meets an approachable small alien named Adam who reveals a secret puzzle that only the player can solve. We worked closely with Fred Qiao to create a flexible squish and stretch rig for Adam.


Testing Vuforia Stability

In the process of building the experience, I experimented with moving trackers to test the stability of Vuforia in the Hololens. Since we wanted players to solve for correct symbols on a rubix cube, we had to test the number of cube quadrants Vuforia needed to complete the puzzle. It was a crucial step to determining the tracker designs.

Testing Tracker Stability

Testing Adam in Unity