Driving Home

— solo project

Maya / Zbrush / Adobe Creative Suite

Dec 2016

Dreams reside in a thinking space in our mind that is often inaccessible outside of sleep. In these short experiences, we encounter some of our most frightening, bizarre, magical, and intimate moments. Although each dream is unique to the dreamer, certain topics, places, and visuals are universal recurrences. These overlaps, specifically in nightmares, inspired me to compose a single dream driven by the unique dreams of four different people. This project experiments with different techniques for combining 2D and 3D elements to create convincing and cohesive scenes. I created this project in my first semester as an MFA student at University of Southern California.


Animating 2D illustration in Maya test

In order to construct a world in which 2D illustrations can live harmoniously with 3D characters, I used Maya to create smoother swimming animation for the 2D fish.

Movement test for Ladyfish

I created the movement for Ladyfish by connecting an ik spline handle to a sine deformer that controlled the side to side swimming. Ladyfish swims along a curve which is easier munipulated into any arch. I first modeled Ladyfish in Maya and then imported the low-poly model into Zbrush to finish the detailed texture maps.

Rocky background illustrations

Ladyfish character design sketch

Spidercrab character design sketch